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Items for sale

I take commissions, but when I have time, I usually do something new ( at least I try ) and now I add various crafted items on this "For sale" -list.

DO remember that postages aren't in the prices and I have to check those by regions. Ask and I'll check. ALL prices are in EUROs.


Peacock Slasher - by Dekokatana

Peacock slasher. Two sided, silver plated string (originally necklace) and plastic ring. I have two of these in here and they are for sale. Price: 30 € - Free postages-


Twin Kurikara set by Dekokatana

The Koumanken Kurikara - Ao on Exorcist - one piece on sale -
Originally commissioned sword, but client haven't picked it up and I have kept it reserved for her 6 months, but now it's openly for sale for anyone who is interested. Price 100 €


Set of new swords by Dekokatana

Game of Thrones swords (without scabbard)
ICE 100 € (EUR)
Targaryen 80 €
Longclaw 80 €
Needle 80 €


Second Fantasy sword by Dekokatana

Second Fantasy sword with Helmet badge 80 €

Experimental by Dekokatana

First Fantasy sword with gray wrapping 80 €


Something.. by Dekokatana Underworld Awakening sword-staff update by Dekokatana

Underworld - Awakening sword-staff 80 €
With handle seen in the picture and handle what can be divided into two. You can pick which one you want.


Updated Twins by Dekokatana

Drow Matron's Sword. "Twins". 60 € one of them / 100 € both of them + I'll make custom keychain for you for free.


Evil Grimoire finished by Dekokatana

Evil Grimoire 40€ + I'll make custom keychain for you for free.


Red Queen -notebook by Dekokatana

Red Queen -notebook 40€ + I'll make custom keychain for you for free.


Commissioned Badges by Dekokatana

Judge Badges, two sizes.
Dredd Badge / 60mm wide 20€ / 75mm wide 30€
Custom Badge 60mm wide 30€ / 75mm wide 35€

If you take two custom badges, you'll get second badge for "regular price".


Keytags by Dekokatana Commission - keytags by Dekokatana

Custom keytags in badge form 10 euro (free postages) if You want more than two tags, I could check the price for those.


Some Pins by Dekokatana

Biohazard pins 10€ (free postages)


bleach - yachiru kusajishi. by Dekokatana

Bleach - Yachiru Kusajishi sword 80 €


Claws pic 2 by Dekokatana

Battle claw pair 30 €


Modern 2 dif angle by Dekokatana

Tactical styled sword-knife set 40€
I have two sets of these in here.


I have so much items for sale, check my gallery and if you see something what you could want to buy, send me a note and maybe that item could be Yours. :)


Thranduil sword set

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 9:26 AM
Thranduil, that blond elven king from Hobbit movies. He uses two swords and at the moment there isn't so much material about how he uses his swords. More than to cut down orc heads.

I worked on this project more or less actively 6 months and it's full aluminium construct. Handle isn't as nice as in pics but it's my first set and if I make another one, I have some plans to do it in other way but I need to buy few certain tools for that plan. Yeah, _MORE_ tools.

Handle is made from several parts, others are cutted and sanded to fit into it and others are milled to get some much needed details into the handle. To mill those handle pieces with my engraver took several hours, but if I want some quality from it, I must put some time on it and do something else while keeping my eyes on the machine. Aluminium is tricky stuff when engraving/milling it and I need to keep bits wet, so aluminium won't attach into it. If it does do that, bit isn't cutting anymore and in worst scenario, I lose both of them. Bit and the piece what I was doing on it.

My time is so cheap that it's almost free with my price rates for swords etc, but Bits, materials etc costs, so I keep bits wet = material costs stay as low it should be. :)

After I got the pieces milled with my engraver, I made test fitting to see how it feels in hand and ended up to add more material into handle so it wouldn't be so "slim". Ref pictures about the sword shows that handle is rather slim and I might do slimmer version next time, IF THERE is next time. 

When thinking that all parts are made from aluminium, I just cut the pieces, sand the shapes, wet sand it and polishing it. Attach the blade onto handle and do engravings. Oooooh... Engravings.

I start to hate those as these ones have lots of them. I didn't wanted to torture my hands and eat lot's of painkillers for that, so I tried something new. I taped both swords completely, drawed what I wanted to show, cutted holes on the tape and used soda blaster. I don't even know it's right name, so don't ask. Let it be soda blaster as it works like sandblasting tools. Surface with that is nice and smooth and I could have painted those "engravings" black, but if those paintings are scratched later on, it's really hard to fix those. So I didn't paint them at all.

So, I learned something new from this project which is always nice, I learned what isn't working and what to do better NEXT time. So overall, it took time, but was really worth it. Hopefully I get these newest swords sold away. I can hope.. There is hobbit part 3 coming out soon, so I might have a change to get rid of my Sting swords and these little babies.

Thanks for visiting and reading all this..


CSS by Icy-Marth


Operating System: Winblows
MP3 player of choice: winamp
Personal Quote: Where I put that rat's ass what I could give..
On Skype: Dekokatana

Commissions are CLOSED for July 2014!

Some rules and other info for commissions from me.

You can ask anything you like, but at the moment I make swords, badges, pins, custom notebooks and some keytags/lanyard tags.

ALL prices are without postages (if I haven't said anything else on item info), Ask and I'll check updated postages for you when you know what kind of item you like to have. ALL prices are in EURO's.

Rough price range for swords:
Katana styled sword 80 - 120 Euro

Fantasy styled sword 40 - 200 Euro
(this covers Tactical set -> longest Ice sword)

Badges and Pins 10 - 40 Euro (depends how much it needs drawing)

Keytags, biohazard pins 10 - 20 Euro

Custom jobs (needs lot's of drawing and metal work) 30 - 60 Euro (example Assasin's creed belt buckle)

ALL items are made from aluminium, I send my shipments by priority Airmail.

All commissions under 30 Euro must be fully paid before I start to work on that project.

Commissions over 30 Euro, usually swords or bigger items. I start to work with it when downpayment 20 Euro have been paid into my paypal account.
- IF Commission is canceled by client, I keep the downpayment.
- IF Commission is canceled by ME, I return the downpayment.

If you can't pay the rest of the money when sword/other item is finished, I keep it reserved for you for 6 months. After that anyone can buy it.

Asking is always free and I try to help as much I can before and after the commission.

Commissions can be asked via note in here or by email.


Thank you for visiting! Welcome back anytime!


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Aug 17, 2014
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